We are a group of independent photographers practising in the North West of England. Some of us are full or part-time professional photographers and others are enthusiastic amateurs. Some of us have degrees in photography or RPS distinctions or other photographic qualifications, and others have none at all. Some of us have been taking photographs for many years and some are relative beginners. In other words, we are a mixed bunch, and the only real qualification needed to join the group is to be an enthusiast photographer.

We do however have a group approach to photography. Basically, it is to use the medium to explore the contemporary world and contemporary life in any of their infinite manifestations. We are not pictorialist photographers, aiming for the single, aesthetically pleasing, one-off image. We work with multiple images, designed to illustrate pre-chosen themes or ideas, on any subject and in any field, but always looking to say, through our photographs, something about the world as we each individually experience it. We are not competitive and do not hold competitions; we do not believe in a rule-centred approach to photography; we are not primarily interested in technique or technical matters. The idea, and the images that go along with it, are the only matters that concern our work.


If you are wanting to ‘do something’ or to ‘go somewhere’ with your photography; or are perhaps dissatisfied with the competition-centred and rule-fixated ethos of the average camera club; or are looking for a different approach to the medium; or would simply like to meet with some enthusiastic and innovative photographers, why not consider joining us? Details of our activities and where and when we meet are to be found elsewhere on this web site. We have no formal membership structure and there is no membership fee, so you need make no commitment. Just come along to one of our meetings, and if you find it interesting come again. If not, don’t. It’s as simple as that. We would be delighted to see you.

Contributions for the website are always welcome, either images or written articles. Images should be re-sized to a resolution of 72ppi and long edge length of 600px. Images should also be compressed to around 70-80% compression (sometimes called “Good”) and if your software offers the alternative, in RGB mode rather than CMYK. Written documents should be supplied in MS Word format and emailed to :