Meeting 2 March 2019

Contemporary North West
Meeting Report 2nd March 2019

Four members attended, Alan Cameron, Frank Balaam, Ken Rowlatt and Brian Williams.
Apologies had been received from Nigel Richards, Richard Barrett, John Corbett and Romney

Frank brought along his book on Sarasota where he has been holidaying for the last 20 or more
years. He explained that he was dissatisfied with it because he wasn’t sure what story he was
trying to tell. There was a wide ranging discussion about the town and Frank’s style.
He explained that Sarasota is an extremely wealthy town on the Gulf coast of Florida. The city
centre is very modern and expensive with high end shops and hugely expensive apartments.
THere’s a beautiful beach but all along it are apartment blocks and hotels which obstruct the view
from the road. Not far inland the highways have many strip malls and trailer parks abound.
Discussion entered around possible themes for the book; people, deprivation and riches, day-today
life and monochrome or colour were all discussed. Frank is now going to go home, review his
work and decide how next to proceed.

Ken brought some prints that had done well in competition. This was in response to John
Corbett’s suggestion that we bring older prints for discussion. This theme can be carried over to
the May meeting.

Alan undertook to talk to Patricia Ruddle about the possibility of having a join meeting with the
Yorkshire Group.

The next meeting will be Saturday 11th May as Alan will be away the previous weekend. Alan will
put Ken in touch with Romney who has no car. Ken can pick him up at Bury tram station for future

Alan Cameron
9th March 2018