Meeting 8 September

5 people attended; Nigel, Alan, Brian, Ken, John.

Ken presented a series of panorama shots, starting with his early experiments with the technique, showing scenes of Manchester, and concluding with some Scottish landscapes in monochrome which he had also printed.

A discussion on the technical aspects of panorama shots followed. Alan demonstrated how these could be composed using Lightroom.

Alan showed a series of images shot using a camera modified for Infra-Red photography (supplied by group member, Nigel). There were a variety of subjects, from city-scapes to sea-weed in sand. Some of these were shown in monochrome and also in the unusual colours produced in camera by the modified sensor. Nigel suggested ways that these colours could be modified using the Channel Mixer option in Lightroom.

Nigel showed Mononchrome prints of various pieces of work he had done over time, using IR modified cameras, which demonstrated the tonal variations observed, particularly with natural foliage.

John brought some images of Morocco, taken whilst walking in the Atlas Mountains, Sahara desert & the city of Marrakech, showing the people and terrain.

The next meeting will be on 3rd November at 1pm.

As well as Work in Progress, members may want to bring series of Repeated Images, taken from the same viewpoint, to show changes in time.