Saturday 10 March 2018

The theme - "Three images that inspire you and your responses to them"

The theme of the meeting was” Images that inspire us.” Members were asked to bring along images for discussion and others to share. Nigel shared images by three of the greats of the last century, Edward Weston - his peppers, nautilus and cabbage images, and Irving Penn and particularly his frozen fruit and vegetable images were inspiration for Nigel’s fruit and vegetable images taken using an old flat bed scanner and then printed as huge images. Next he shared images by Andre Kertesz which became inspiration for Nigel’s from above images. Richard discussed the works of Hannah Miska and Paul Klee and his “Harmony of the Northern Flora” block abstracts. These inspired Richard to create images from screen grabs of container ports, and particularly Hull, where he used blocks of containers to represent the blocks in Klee’s work. Richard also admires the typographies of the Beckers and shared some of them. These inspired his photos from his own window in Chester f a park bench and what goes on during a typical day from the lone man early in the day to the road sweeper cleaning up at the end. Following from this Richard discussed how the Mary Ellen Mark series of Family in a car led him to document the lives of the delivery riders in Chester, some of whom are full time by choice and others use the income as one of a number of jobs - the so called “gig” economy. Arnie shared some experimental work he had done over the years in the more esoteric settings in Photoshop to produce Rothko type images of bands of colours in abstract form. Frank discussed Mary Ellen Mark and her Twinville works on 20 x 24 inch Polaroid, Baltz and his new typographies, particularly minimalist images of factories and derelict buildings. Frank then moved on to Schiele and his portraits and Tom Stoddart’s work on Famine before introducing some of his series from which he has created books some of which was discussed at the AGM last year. John discussed the images of Lartigue and the shots of the Bois de Boulogne, the seaside and cars all of which fascinated the photographer from a very early age. John shared some of his images of Paris - Road menders as a homage to Van Gogh and another of a man leaving a doorway Ken discussed August Sander’s work capturing local trades people from before the First War until the Nazi’s stopped his work as being “unGermanic.” Sander has inspired Ken to create a body of work capturing the working lives of people in local shops, a cobbler, a barber and a carpet salesman. These emphasise the local nature of the people and the fact that the shops and trades are changing even if their output is still needed.