Monday Meeting 26 September 2016

Contemporary NW Meeting Notes
26th September 2016

Eight members attended the meeting at Charnock Richard Services and discussions were wide

Ken Has been to an advisory day and he showed us the panel of images that had received a
favourable response. He has captured the modern habit of eating in the street, something that was
anathema to his parents’ and grandparents’ generation. In addition he portrayed the impact of
continuous advertising aimed at promoting public eating, by juxtaposing subjects and advertising.
He has submitted the panel for assessment when the next Contemporary Assessments are held.
Keith brought a large number of monochrome prints taken at Cumbrian carnivals. This is part of his
continuing interest in the Cumbrian coast. The carnivals are dwindling in number, scale and
popularity - in part du to the ban on drinking leading to many fewer pub based “acts.” He was keen
to discuss how we should bring out something of ourselves when we talk images. In his case he
feels that it’s his wry sense of humour. He told us that he is open about his photography and
generally stands where he thinks something will happen until his presence is not noticed. Then he
can capture fleeting moments that capture the essence of the event.

In a separate discussion Keith encouraged us to look at the work of Tom Kidd and the late Chick
Chambers who captured life on Shetland and Orkney respectively. This work was done in the
1970s and unknown to each other. Tom Kidd is part of Document Scotland and his work can be
viewed on

Tim was thinking about his photography and decided to create a book to see how it fitted together.
The book was passed around for interest and comment.

Alan produced his first book on Fylde Cafe Culture, covering Fleetwood and Cleveleys. He wanted
to show the traditional cafes in a positive light and to give the owners their chance to add the
words. Each cafe has a two page spread with the cafe outside on the left hand page and several
photos on the other of the people and features of the cafe and what it serves. Other members
commented that the view was very positive and not the expected view of the depressed area that
is the Fylde. Keith felt that Alan’s positive outlook and that of the cafe owners came across well.
Mike had to different topics to discuss. First he too produce an untitled book that he uses to break
the ice when capturing people in his street photography. He feels that it is a non-threatening way
to introduce himself and this helps his subjects to relax. We then projected a number of IR images
where he felt that the results were not as expected. We comments and Nigel particularly provided
pointers to better and more predictable results. We dropped the files into Lightroom and made
some adjustments so that the images as processed were more as expected.

Finally, Ian shared some more of his Unpromising Landscapes from New Zealand, Australia and
Europe. We discussed how each image could be interpreted by the viewer to fulfil their own

Next meeting will be Monday 5th December as the room is not available the previous week.