Meeting on Monday 25 July 2016

Seven people attended the meeting, and with the £10 still in the kitty, that was enough to cover our costs. I hope we’ll have more attendees in September, though I have to apologise in advance as I shall still be in France on holiday.

On an administrative note I had been sent the members list for the RPS Contemporary Group as a whole. While we don’t insist on membership of the Royal to be in our merry band, if you are a member of the Society, then we do ask that you pay your dues to the Contemporary Group please. Annual membership for the group is £20.

It was a pleasure to welcome Ken Rowlatt to our group. New blood is always welcome. Ken brought some work with him for review and I am pleased to say that our comments haven’t put him off. Welcome Ken, we look forward to seeing more of your work.

Other members brought work for discussion and we were sent a number of mono images for remote review. It’s fair to say that we had some difficulty giving a balanced view of those images without the author being present. General consensus on this "Tools of the Trade” group was that it required more thought and better lighting.

Discussions continue on whether to hold another exhibition, where it might be held and whether there should be a theme. General consensus was that we enjoyed the Lytham experience and would want to do it again. Theme was discussed andKeith’s suggestion of Un-promising landscapes became transmuted to un.. landscapes because at least one in the company was unhappy about fixing a theme that would restrict their creativity. That point is still open, though most agreed that members shouldn’t feel restricted even if others were happy to go with a theme. All felt that there should be room for both. Venues are hard to come by and Keith’s suggestion on a venue associated with the Museum of Lancashire looks troubled in view of the cuts going on. Nigel suggested a venue in Cheshire (sorry Nigel can you remind me where, please?) where he organised an exhibition of the L&CPU. He will check up and open a dialogue if it seems likely to be an option. Alan suggested we perhaps link up with another group, but that was felt to be a fallback rather than a primary option.

Our next meeting is Monday 26th September at Days Inn Charnock Richard Services