Meeting 17 March 2014

Image and Text

The focus of the meeting on 17 March was how Image and Text can be combined. The meeting started with looking at examples of artist’s work, such as Hamish Fulton and Mark Power, who had used text to inform the viewer about their chosen subject matter. This was followed by participants sharing work they had with them. These included two very good pieces, one that looked at the recent loss of the Preston footballer, Sir Tom Finney and another piece completed by a student, which was in black and white. This latter piece was a sequence of images and accompanying text that followed the creator’s journey while a friend was unwell.

There is hope for an exhibition in the future and finding a suitable venue is the initial priority. Any suggestions or contacts with curators would be most welcome. It was also noted that the subscription for the website will need renewing this time next year. Everyone is encouraged to send in new work, articles and reviews of exhibitions or books.

The next meeting will be on Monday 19 May, starting at 7.30.