Meeting 18 November 2013

There was a meeting on 18 November. The group used the opportunity too look at a range of members work and to discuss how photography can alter our opinions, as well as inform us about the subject matter of being shown.

Keith opened the evening with an explanation of how his project, recently published in the form of a Blurb book (Cumbrian Coast Revisited), diverged from his normal pursuit of Lakeland pictorialism to take a contemporary pathway, inflective rather than reflective of the environment being explored. He described how he had taken three aspects of his own nature and used these as 'filters' for selecting what, when and how a subject or scene was captured using a Leica rangefinder and its 'normal', 50mm lens. The consistent application of this approach over many years produced a body of work which is as descriptive of his own inward querying as it is outward expression of a continuing curiosity and fascination with a place he finds different from any other he's explored using a camera. John followed Keith with a presentation of his project in which people taking photographs became, in turn, the subject(s) for his own pictures (a set of which has been published in the CNW Blurb book 'A Personal View'').

In the second half of the evening Andy revisited two of his completed projects, one being the portraiture of people within a local park in which the subjects had taken their own image using a long air release connected to his camera and the second a study of people who had gained new jobs in a Sainsburys supermarket, performing very different roles from those held in the manufacture of pottery, an activity previously employing them in buildings which used to occupy that same site. The evening closed with the showing of a miscellany of images from various contributors, including one aerial series of a recent hosting of the Professional World Firework Championships in Blackpool.