Meeting 15 July 2013

A meeting was held on 15 July 2013, which was lead by Derek Trillo.

Derek presented his current research project ‘The Flow of Life’:

This presentation, with subsequent discussions and feedback, explored the photography of people in relation to the built environment. Issues discussed included:

The nature of depicting movement by using still images.

Do viewers learn to ‘read’ constructed images and how would this affect the image’s credibility?

The depiction of activity spread across a period of time by photographers such as Colin Thomas, Idris Khan, Michael Wesely and Andreas Feininger.

Subsequent discussions covered the question of “What makes photography distinct from cinema/video (apart from sound), considering that video/cinema is actually a series of still images, whether film or digital”?

Ian Maxwell showed examples to the group of images by Cindy Sherman (many of which were titled ‘Untitled film stills’) and of Gregory Crewdson’s ‘cinematic’ constructions. This produced some interesting comparisons between straight documentary photography and constructed, or staged, images. Philip-Lorca DiCorcia’s posed portraits in public places were also considered to have a similar ‘cinematic’ style. Parallels were drawn to some of the paintings of Edward Hopper e.g. Nighthawks.

The next meeting is provisionally planned for the 23rd of September where we will be encouraged to bring equipment that has influenced our photography e.g. your first camera, a change of format (either size or aspect ratio), or how ‘slimming down’ our gear can produce an increase in freedom and creativity: I suspect that those of us with aching shoulders and backs from years of carrying camera bags will identify with the latter!

The November meeting is pencilled in for the 18th. The provisional topic is: How has photography (yours or another photographer’s) altered your opinions and views of a subject or an attitude? Bring along images by yourself or others that have been influential in changing your perspectives.

Derek Trillo ARPS

Derek Trillo